Still Waters in a Storm

• May 12th, 2021

Featuring Still Waters in a Storm founder, Stephen Haff, and Sarah Sierra, a member of the program.

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A Celebration of Latin American Women

• April 9th, 2021

This episode highlights ten Hispanic women who contributed to and helped shape the history of Latin America.

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AfroLatinidad: What We Need to Know, and Why. An Honest Conversation.

• March 5th, 2021

This episode is a conversation with Dr. Sheryl Means and Dr. Eleuterio Santiago-Diaz, discussing what it means to be Afro-Latinx in the Americas. They address Afro-Latinx literature, "ethnic" studies, race, identity, "Black History Month," and more.

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Brazilian Rap and the Grammar of the Black Existence

• February 19th, 2021

Paulo Dutra, UNM Assistant Professor of Spanish and Portuguese, examines the music of the most famous Brazilian rap group, Racionais Mc's, in order to better understand how people of African descent experience and negotiate their existence in Brazil.

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A History of Luminarias and Farolitos

• January 28th, 2021

New Mexico State Historian Rob Martínez examines the fascinating origins of farolitos and luminarias, uniquely New Mexican cultural expressions. Before there was a Christmas tree, mistletoe, egg nog, or Santa Claus, there were luminarias and farolitos lighting the dark paths for ancient New Mexicans, commemorating a long tradition of High Mass at midnight. Like most New Mexican traditions, these lights--like Las Posadas--reach deeply into a rich Catholic tradition that is a blend of Spanish, Puebloan, Mexican, and American influences.

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A Tribute to Miguel Algarín

• January 14th, 2021

This episode remembers the Nuyorican poet Miguel Algarín who passed away November 30, 2020. We spend time with his written work, discuss his role as co-founder of the Nuyorican Poets’ Café, and reflect on his long-lasting legacy in the Nuyorican and U.S. literary community.

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El Voto Femenino: Latina Suffragists Who Fought for the Women’s Vote Worldwide

• December 17th, 2020

This episode features remarkable Latina suffragists who were instrumental in demanding the women's vote worldwide. These women and others are featured in an exhibit, "El voto femenino," at the National Hispanic Cultural Center:

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Bilingual Education in New Mexico: The Shoulders We Stand On

• November 27th, 2020
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“Famous Suffragists and Hidden Figures: The Road to Women’s Suffrage in New Mexico”

• November 6th, 2020
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New Mexico Revolts and Revolutions

• October 15th, 2020
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